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This ancient and very successful process of achieving abundance has been revised and adapted to a new community. By calling upon the source of creation in a simple but life-changing process we are able to share the benefits, with people of understanding, so that abundance can flow easily and with grace into their lives.The whole process, after some preparation by you and by us, takes about thirty minutes to launch. It is done remotely so you can be relaxed and undisturbed. The results will begin immediately but they unfold in your life as you allow changes to happen. You do not surrender your free will but you are able to make more rewarding choices. If you send an email to kengraydon3@gmail.com we will send you the details of the process. We do not specify a fee for this process but allow you to offer a donation that you believe is appropriate.


This work is supported by the energy exchange offered by clients. This usually takes the form of cash sent securely through PayPal. The energy exchange is a demonstration of gratitude and a commitment by the client to accepting and participating in the process.